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Lawn Care Maintenance Company, Pro-Mow, Inc., Enhances the Customer Experience with “Smart” Technology

For 27 years, Pro-Mow has made the customer experience priority #1

Pro-Mow, Inc. continues to build its business with the same goal they’ve had from day one; 100% customer satisfaction. With over 25 years in the industry, Pro-Mow has listened to their customers and learned how to build life-long relationships. Pro-Mow continues to invest in the most critical aspects of the customer experience. VP of Operations, Brian Gepford, says “We’ve established home-grown systems that allow for responsiveness, transparency, and simplicity, and it’s truly what separates us from other lawn maintenance companies.”

A large enhancement to their customer experience is their online portal. It allows clients to review invoices, payment history, upcoming scheduled lawn services and maintenance, and renewal documents. By incorporating smart technology, customers can request to schedule their spring services, such as mulching or fertilizer, and update their lawn maintenance schedule. “We’ve given clients the ability to manage their account from anywhere at any time.” With communication being critical to the customer experience, Pro-Mow has also enhanced the way they communicate with the customer. All lawn services are confirmed via email, allowing their team another avenue of meeting their client’s goals. In addition, the creation of their “Action Item” system ensures prompt resolutions to concerns with lawn maintenance or care and allows any staff member to assist along the way. And finally, with their property assessment tracking system, notes and recommendations for lawn care are easily accessible to customers and staff, allowing for continued enhancement to the customer experience.

To find out more about the Pro-Mow customer experience, visit their website at and see for yourself what their customers are saying!

Pro-Mow, Inc. is a professional lawn maintenance company that provides weekly mowing, fertilizer programs, mulching, pruning, yard cleanup, leaf removal and much more. Their experienced staff specializes in lawn development and maintenance for commercial and residential properties. Servicing Western Fairfax and Loudoun Counties, Pro-Mow has been providing superior customer service since 1990.

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Over seeding


During the aeration process, we will over seed your entire lawn with the highest quality certified seed.  Fall seeding provides you with a thicker, greener grass, that retains moisture when needed, in addition to preventing disease and damage that comes during the harsher weather months.

Lawn Renovation


Lawn renovations are recommended when the existing turf grass has declined to a point that is not worth saving.  Pro-Mow will develop a program that will allow you to start over so you can begin establishing your lawn the right way.

Top Dressing


Top-dressing your lawn with nutrient rich compost can be a great addition to your core aeration and over seeding service. Compost creates a better root environment by improving water holding capacity and supplying macro and micro-nutrients. Organic compost also provides a great growing media for seed germination.

Fertilization Program

firtilizer-hoverEssential to the health and beauty of your lawn, fertilizer provides a turf environment resistent to insects, weeds, and disease.  The proper balance and slow-release of nutrients to your lawn, as well as seasonal maintenance, will promote a healthier root system and generate lush growth.  Ask about Pro-Mow’s Basic Care, Basic Care Plus, and Premium Care programs.

Complete Leaf Removal


When the leaves are finished falling, we will cleanup your yard by completely removing all leaves and debris from your entire property. This includes but is not limited to – your lawn, stairwells, deck, patio, fence lines, AC unit and any other area unique to your property.

Weekly Leaf Removal

Offered exclusively in conjunction with our weekly mowing service, we remove leaves from all your grassy areas.  This maintenance service is a great way to stay on top of the constantly falling leaves.

Core Aeration

grass and soil isolated


Our Core Aeration Service is a process in which we mechanically remove plugs of soil and thatch from your lawn to allow your lawn to breathe and improve its health and resiliency

Lime Application


Primarily a soil conditioner, not a fertilizer, lime performs various functions. Temporarily reducing soil acidity, lime also provides nutrients to your plants and aids in fertilizer solubility as well.

Perimeter Pest Control


A special application is applied to the perimeter of your home to keep ants, crickets, spiders and many other insects from invading your home.  Our perimeter pest control is a minimum 3-application process – once in the Spring, once in the Summer and again in the Fall.