Season: Summer

Grub Preventative


Living below ground, grubs feed on the roots of tender grass plants and can cause real damage to your lawn. They are most active mid to late summer so early treatment is key.

Yellow Nutsedge Control

Yellow Nutsedge,Cyperus esculentus, Monocot, Summer perennial

Yellow Nutsedge is a weed that thrives in consistently saturated areas of your property and can quickly takeover your mulch beds and your lawn.  Because of its hard to reach, underground “nutlets”, it cannot be eliminated simply by pulling it.  Rather, it requires a special treatment to attack the roots.

Poison Ivy Control


Don’t risk exposure, poison ivy control is best left to professionals. This plant can be difficult to identify, spreads easily and may require multiple applications to eliminate.

Flower Bed Weed Control

weed-removal-hoverWeeds are unsightly in well-maintained landscape beds.  We will rid these areas of weeds and grasses without any damage to your valuable ornamental trees and shrubs.  A pre-emergent is applied at the same time to prevent other weeds and grasses from germinating.  This is a great program for those of you who will be mulching and should be applied 2 weeks before you mulch.  Best of all, no pulling of existing weeds and grasses is necessary!

Fertilization Program

firtilizer-hoverEssential to the health and beauty of your lawn, fertilizer provides a turf environment resistant to insects, weeds, and disease.  The proper balance and slow-release of nutrients to your lawn, as well as seasonal maintenance, will promote a healthier root system and generate lush growth.  Ask about Pro-Mow’s Basic Care, Basic Care Plus, and Premium Care programs.

Early Spring Fertilization (Late February-mid April)

Lawn feeding with a special blended fertilizers to enhance spring green up and root development for increased turf density, pre-emergent barrier for the control of crabgrass and grassy weeds.

Grub Preventative (April-early June)

Treatment is applied to control all Grub and beetle species and their larvae. This treatment is guaranteed for one year.

Late Spring Fertilization (April-June)

Slow-release fertilizers applied for controlled color, growth and second application of pre-emergent crabgrass barrier for prolonged control.

Summer Fertilization (July-August)

Inspection and treatment; Balanced fertilizer to meet the specific needs of your lawn. Evaluation for fall aeration and over-seeding.

Early Fall Fertilization (September-October)

Slow and fast release fertilizers are applied to aid in summer stress recovery and enhance fall color.

Late Fall Fertilization (November-December)

Specially blended fertilizers are applied to enhance root development and early spring green up.

Lime Application

Primarily a soil conditioner, not a fertilizer. Lime functions to temporarily reduce soil acidity, provide plant nutrients, aid in fertilizer solubility, and reduce the toxicity of certain damaging elements.

Hedge and Bush Trimming

Newly painted exterior of a North American home during summertime with green grass and flower beds

Shape Up Your Home’s Landscape with Hedge and Bush Trimming

Is your yard feeling a bit unruly? Our expert team specializes in hedge and bush trimming, transforming overgrown bushes into works of art.

Regular trimming promotes healthy, robust plants that thrive year after year. Removing dead or diseased branches encourages new growth which can lead to denser, more vibrant hedges.

Our hedge and bush trimming service will enhance your curb appeal. A well-maintained landscape not only looks great but also adds value to your property. Regular trimming is typically less labor-intensive than allowing hedges to become overgrown and then trying to restore their shape.

Overall, hedge trimming is a vital part of landscape maintenance that not only keeps your hedges looking beautiful but also contributes to the health and functionality of your outdoor space

Don’t let your garden go wild! Give your home and lawn a polished, manicured look with our hedge and bush trimming service. Both trimming and shaping available. Contact us today for impeccable hedge and bush trimming.

Lawn Aeration

grass and soil isolated

Our Core Lawn Aeration Service is a process in which we mechanically remove plugs of soil and thatch from your lawn to allow your lawn to breathe and improve its health and resiliency.

Do you want a greener thicker lawn?

Pro-Mow will prepare your lawn to ensure seed-to-soil contact and maximize germination rates using specific equipment and seed type for your lawn’s needs and conditions. We use only the best quality seed that adheres to the highest National Seed Association standards.

Fall is the best time to Core Aerate & Seed your lawn.

Lawn core aeration is a simple process of removing small cores of soil and grass to allow air, water, and nutrients into the root zone. The biggest benefit to aerating your lawn is to allow sufficient oxygen to reach the grass roots. Heavy soil compaction severely reduces the pore space around grass roots which limits the amount of oxygen in that region. Roots require oxygen to grow and absorb water and nutrients.

Core aeration benefits lawns by:

  • Increasing the activity of soil microorganisms that decompose thatch
  • Enhancing water infiltration from rainfall and irrigation
  • Improving root growth
  • Increasing water, oxygen, and nutrient movement in the root zone
  • Helping to prevent run off fertilizer and pesticides

Why is Core aeration necessary?

Northern Virginia soil has a very high clay content and tends to compact very easily. Core aeration is needed to improve the depth and extent of turf grass rooting. It also reduces thatch accumulation and minimizes its buildup. When thatch breaks down it adds needed organic material to the soil. Within two weeks the plugs pulled from your lawn will break down and return to the root zone as a nutrient. That, along with a seed starter application (which is included with this service) will give the young seedlings the best chance of germinating and surviving to maturity. The results of a successful aeration and overseeding will be a thicker, healthier more weed free lawn.

Core Aeration Bottom Line

The most effective aerations are done along with other needed lawn services such as proper feeding, lime and weed control. Our Premium Lawn Program provides timely applications done by licensed professional technicians all with the Pro-Mow guarantee!

Gutter Cleaning

Is your home ready for Fall? Protecting Your Home Inside and Out

Your Northern VA home deserves the best care, including your gutters. Our team specializes in thorough gutter cleaning services, ensuring your home stays in great shape year-round. Our gutter cleaning service will remove any and all debris from your gutters and will flush them with water (if water is accessible).

Our Northern VA Gutter Cleaning Service Ensures:

Clear Flow: We clear out debris and leaves to guarantee free-flowing gutters, preventing water damage. Say goodbye to clogs and blockages.

Prevent Damage: Keep water away from your home’s foundation. By keeping your gutters clean, we safeguard your home’s foundation from water infiltration.

Pest Control: Deter pests from making your gutters home. Clogged gutters attract unwanted pests. We eliminate this risk, keeping your home pest-free.

Don’t wait for the next storm to reveal the problem. Schedule your Northern VA gutter cleaning service today and protect your home.

Perimeter Pest Control


A special application is applied to the perimeter of your home to keep ants, crickets, spiders and many other insects from invading your home.  Our perimeter pest control is a minimum 3-application process – once in the Spring, once in the Summer and again in the Fall.

Mulch Service

Our Northern VA mulch service is like no other!  We include leaf, weed and debris removal of all existing mulch areas; we redefine edges and install 2.5 inches of double shredded hardwood mulch and apply new mulch with pre-weed control.

Mulch Madness at Pro-Mow

Mulch much? Well you should! Whether Spring, Summer or Fall,  mulching is one of the most important ways to maintain healthy landscaped plants, shrubs and flowers. The finished look mulch provides will transform your lawn into a work of art!

It’s Time To Clean Up & Enhance Your Mulch Beds

-Mulch prevents loss of water and reduces weed growth

-Mulch reduces landscape maintenance and keeps plants healthy

-We remove your weeds and leaves so you don’t have to

-You will receive a free application of pre-emergent weed control

-You can spend your time doing what you want to do instead of what you need to do

Get your yard looking beautiful and be the envy of the neighborhood

Are you having a graduation party or doing outdoor entertaining this year? Let the professionals at Pro-Mow, Inc. do the work for you! We have been in business for over 30 years and mulching is one of our most popular services.

Our Mulching Service Includes:

Removal of weeds, leaves, and debris from existing mulched areas. Edges will be redefined to provide a neat and distinct division between turf and mulch. Application of granular pre-emergent weed control to all mulched areas. Installation of premium grade, double shredded hardwood mulch at a consistent 2” depth.

Weekly Lawn Mowing

Our weekly mowing service includes trimming around all fence lines, A/C units, etc.  We also edge all concrete sidewalks and curbs.  And it doesn’t end there!  Our lawn professionals remove all clippings from your lawn, driveway and sidewalks.  You will receive a fresh look each week of Spring, Summer and into the Fall.

Weekly Lawn Mow, Trim & Edge

April-November: Weekly mowing of all grass areas is scheduled every 7 days. Regularly scheduled maintenance helps promote healthy turf by maintaining proper height. Additionally, we will string-trim included areas not accessible by mower, edge at curbs, sidewalks, and blow clippings.

Lawn Mowing Schedule

Weekly mowing is scheduled the same day each week. If uncontrollable conditions prevent us from maintaining lawns on the scheduled day, we will come the next business day (including Saturday). The next week’s visit will be on the regularly scheduled day (assuming it’s at least 4 or more days from the off-schedule visit). If an irrigation system is present on your property, please adjust run times so that your system does not run at least 24 hours prior to your regularly scheduled service day.

Pro-Mow, Inc. has been serving the Northern Virginia area for over 25+ years. We strive to maintain lifelong relationships with our customers by providing the highest standard of customer care. We continue to build our business on the trust and integrity that we have established with our customers from day one.