Lawn Fertilization

Our Lawn Fertilization Program services #1-5 are scheduled 6-8 weeks apart. This allows our slow-release fertilizers to continue feeding your lawn throughout the growing season. Summer service is primarily a weed control service, not a fertilizer application.

Most all Grub Prevention applications will be done in conjunction with your Late Spring service (summer months are when grubs begin feeding on lawns). Lime applications will be done in conjunction with your Summer service in order to help prepare soils for fall over-seeding and increased fertilizer solubility aiding in summer stress recovery.

Upon completion of each service our lawn fertilization technician will leave an informational bulletin and small yard sign notifying you that we were at the property.

Basic Care Program*

1. Early Spring:

(Late February-mid April)

Blended fertilizers to enhance spring green up and root development for increased turf density, pre- emergent barrier for the control of crabgrass and grassy weeds. Broad leaf weed control applied as needed.

2. Late Spring:


INSPECTION & TREATMENT: Slow release fertilizers for controlled color and growth. Second application of pre-emergent crabgrass barrier for prolonged control. Broad leaf weed control and surface feeding insect control as needed.

3. Summer:


Balanced fertilizer to meet the specific needs of your lawn.

INSPECTION & TREATMENT: Broad leaf weed control and surface feeding, insect control as needed.

4. Early Fall:


Slow and fast release fertilizers to aid in summer stress recovery and enhance fall color.

INSPECTION & TREATMENT: Broad leaf weed control and surface feeding, insect control as needed.

5. Late Fall:


Specially blended fertilizers to enhance root development and early spring green-up. INSPECTION & TREATMENT: Broad leaf weed control as needed.

Basic Care Plus Program*

Includes Basic Care Program plus:

Grub Preventive:

(April-early June)

Grub preventive treatment is applied to lawn areas to control ALL beetle species and their larva. This treatment is guaranteed for one year.

Lime Application:


Lime is primarily a soil conditioner and not a fertilizer. It performs several important functions: Temporarily reduces soil acidity, provides plant nutrients, aids in fertilizer solubility and reduces the toxicity of certain damaging elements.

Premium Care Program

(our most popular service)

Includes Basic Care Plus Program plus:

Core Aeration:

During the core aeration process, a powered device is rolled over your lawn with metal tubes penetrating several inches, removing plugs of thatch and soil then depositing them on the surface. These plugs create holes which allow air, water, and organic matter to reach the root system. Throughout the growing season these holes make room for soil to loosen and permit root growth.

Over Seeding:

(mid September-mid November)

During the aeration process we will over seed your entire lawn with the highest quality certified seed available.

*All Lawns not on Premium Care Program will be re-evaluated late summer for possible fall aeration and over seeding.