We offer a variety of programs designed to meet the specific needs of your lawn and your budget

Weekly Leaf Removal

Removal of leaves from all grassy areas in conjunction with our mowing service

Complete Leaf Removal

Removal of leaves from entire property including but not limited to grassy areas, mulch and landscape beds, fence lines, stairwells and any areas unique to your property

Gutter Cleaning

We will remove any and all debris from your gutters and will flush them with water (if water is accessible)

Lawn Renovation

Recommended when the existing turf grass has declined to a point that is not worth saving. Pro-Mow will develop a program that will allow you to start over

Core Aeration

This service includes removing plugs of thatch and soil which allows air, water and organic matter to reach the root system


Following your lawn evaluation, this service uses only state certified, blue tag seed to achieve desired results


Top-dressing your lawn with nutrient rich compost can be a great addition to your core aeration and over seeding service


We purge your system of water with compressed air and deactivate your controller

SPRING Services

When winter comes to an end, our Spring Services will restore your lawn to a fresh and healthy condition

SUMMER Services

Save your lawn from the stress of Summer heat with our Summer Services