Summer Lawn Services


We offer a variety of programs designed to meet the specific needs of your lawn and your budget

Flower Bed Weed Control

Rid your landscape beds of unsightly weeds and grasses without any damage to your valuable flowers, shrubs and ornamental trees

Vegetation Control

Imagine no more weeds in your driveway, walkways, patios or fence lines

Poison Ivy Control

Leaves of three, leave them be! Let our certified technicians treat the poison ivy so you don’t have to

Yellow Nutsedge Control

Difficult to control, Nutsedge loves moisture and grows much quicker than your grass. Our specialty treatment gets to the roots for proven results

Grub Preventative

Treatment is applied to lawn areas to control all beetle species and their larva

Perimeter Pest Control

A special application is applied to the perimeter of your home to keep ants, crickets, spiders and many other insects from invading your home

Lime Application

Primarily a soil conditioner, lime performs several important functions such neutralizing acidity and enhancing soil structure

Monthly Maintenance

We make seasonal adjustments and repairs as needed on your irrigation system

SPRING Services

When winter comes to an end, our Spring Services will restore your lawn to a fresh and healthy condition

FALL Services

Prepare your lawn for a long winter’s nap with our Fall Service offerings